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Reality itself may crumble because no one can agree what color this dress is.

It’s been a good run, society.

The rest of your life depends on this answer: blue and black, or white and gold?
(via Tumblr)




¡EL MISTERIO QUE AÚN NO DESCIFRAN! ¿De Que color ven el vestido?

I’m sorry if I’m the one to break this to you, but the universe may unravel sometime tonight once everyone has seen this picture. Since it was first posted on Tumblr, humanity has ceased to be split by nation, race, or religion, and instead divided into people who see it as white and gold, and people who see it as blue and black. Seriously, take a visit to Twitter dot com and see the havoc it is wreaking on a community that just hours ago was united behind the single most amazing Internet happening ever (until this dress): Llama Chase 2015.

Some people even see different colors on different versions of the image. Why not check it out onTumblr and see how crazy you feel? Personally, I pity these hybrid souls. I see it as blue and black, but I can at least appreciate that the white and gold people are just as sure in their conviction. The flip-floppers are torn between worlds, and no one can trust them.

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My wife thinks it’s white and gold. Check back tomorrow to see if I’ve edited that to ex-wife.

By the way, I have some pretty strong authorities on my side:

Hola querido amigo!

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